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Canadian Immigration Assessment Questionnaire
1) Desired Visa

Important Note

To provide an accurate final assessment, it is suggested that the submissions should include:

  1. IELTS results for applicant and spouse if applicant is married (Read more)
  2. Educational Credential Assessment(ECA) by a qualified accredited Canadian assessor (Read more)

Important Note for Students

Please refer our student visa articles to know more about study in Canada and how to apply for Canadian student visa: (Click here)
For more information, Please call our office during office hours or email us using Contact Us)

Important Note

Since we are not a placement agency but a Immigration consultancy firm, Without a valid LMIA document (Labour Market Impact Assessment), Unfortunately we are unable to help you with processing the Work permit visas at the moment.
However, Please do refer our work permit visa articles to know more about working in Canada and how to apply for Canadian work permit visa: (Click here)
Also, don't hesitate to call our office during office hours or email us using our Contact Us page for more personalized information.

Important Note

Please refer our visa articles under services to know more about sponsorship, travel documents and Investor related information for Canada and how to apply: (Click here)
For more information, Please call our office during office hours or email us using Contact Us)

2) Personal Information

Note: to answer yes, the brother or sister must be: 18 years old or older related to you or your partner by blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adoption have a parent in common with you or your partner A brother or sister is related to you by: blood (biological) adoption marriage (step-brother or step-sister)

3) Admission details

Please complete the bellow questions as in IRCC website: ( Designated learning institutions list)

3) Visit related Information

Important Note

Please note that this document will be needed to apply for a visitor/ Super visa. refer our Visitor Visa and Super visitor Visa articles as well as, do call our office during office hours or email us using Contact Us page for more information.

3) Language information
a) IELTS Test Results (IELTS test results are valid for two years and required in Academic for Student visas and in General for other visa types for making an accurate assessment. Also the test results should be less than two years old.Further, higher the results you have, higher the chance of success of application.)

Important Note

To qualify on making an application for Canadian PR Visa, IELTS results of the applicant should be above 6.0 in each category. If the applicant can have a 8.0 on IELTS listening and 7.0 in other categories he/she would be able to score the maximum possible marks for the final selection.

For assessment purpose, If your IELTS results are expired or you're sure about your language skills, please use your old results or the closes guess to proceed with the assessment)

Spouse/partner (if applicable)
c) IELTS Test results of spouse/partner (if result available)
4) Education Information
(Please check each completed qualification)

Note: to answer yes: English or French as a Second Language must not have made up more than half your study you must not have studied under an award that required you to return to your home country after graduation to apply your skills and knowledge you must have studied at a school within Canada (foreign campuses don’t count) you had to be enrolled full time for at least eight months, and have been physically present in Canada for at least eight months

Spouse/partner (if applicable)
(Please check each completed qualification)

earned a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate; or had an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)? (ECAs must be from an approved agency, in the last five years) To get the correct number of points, make sure you choose the answer that best reflects your case. For example: If you have TWO Bachelor’s degrees, or one Bachelor’s AND a two year college diploma, choose – “Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One must be for a program of three or more years.”

) Work Information
It must have been paid, full-time (or an equal amount in part-time), and in only one occupation
It must have been paid and full-time (or an equal amount in part-time).

Note: In Canada, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the official list of all the jobs in the Canadian labour market. It describes each job according to skill type, group and level.

Note: A certificate of qualification lets people work in some skilled trades in Canada. Only the provinces, territories and a federal body can issue these certificates. To get one, a person must have them assess their training, trade experience and skills to and then pass a certification exam. People usually have to go to the province or territory to be assessed. They may also need experience and training from an employer in Canada. This isn’t the same as a nomination from a province or territory.

The custom element code should go here.
Spouse/partner (if applicable)
It must have been paid, full-time (or an equal amount in part-time), and in one or more NOC 0, A or B jobs.
6) Proof of Settlement Funds/ Number of Applicants

Under the Skilled Worker category of Immigration, the Canada Immigration Officer assessing an application must be satisfied that the applicant has enough funds for settlement in Canada. The funds must be transferable and net of debts or other obligations. The requirement for settlement funds is waived if the applicant has Arranged Employment in Canada.

The required settlement funds must be equal to or greater than the sums listed below for each family size. Requirements for settlement funds are updated yearly.

You do not have to show that you have these funds if:

  1. you have a valid offer of arranged employment in Canada AND
  2. you are currently working or authorized to work in Canada.

Proof of Funds

Number of Family members C$ LKR*
1 person 12,960 1,684,800
2 people 16,135 2,097,550
3 people 19,836 2,578,680
4 people 24,083 3,130,790‬
5 people 27,315 ‭3,550,950‬
6 people 30,806 4,004,780‬
7 people 34,299 4,458,870‬

• For each additional family member C$3,492 or LKR453,960

• LKR conversion rate varies daily.

Source - Citizenship and Immigration Canada(www.cic.gc.ca)

You must show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada to meet the minimum requirements. Otherwise you won't be eligible to apply
8) Resume/CV
doc, docx, pdf formats only

I hereby state that the information I have provided in this pre-immigration questionnaire is an accurate and true representation of my current and past situation. I also accept that the information given in this declaration will be used – in part - as the basis for an AMS newsletter subscription and application for a Study Permit, Work Permit, Sponsorship, Permanent Residence visa for Canada (should I elect to use the services of Asian Management Services (AMS) and that the decision to issue such a visa or permit is the sole decision of Canadian immigration authorities. AMS cannot promise that the application will be approve by the Canadian immigration. Only Immigration Officers is entitled to approve or refuse a visa.

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