AMS provides advises and guidance to individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada

AMS provides Immigration processing services to guide the immigrant through the application processes required by provincial and federal government programs for:  

AMS has access to a network of qualified associates to assist where necessary with any assessments of the above listed categories

At the Centre for Canadian Immigration Services (AMS)

The professional staff at AMS adheres to a thorough interview and screening process to ensure that each applicant satisfies the Canadian immigration requirements for the category considered appropriate for their skills.

If, in the professional opinion of AMS, the candidate meets those requirements, AMS staff will prepare all documentation for submission on behalf of the client to immigration authorities. AMS verifies all supporting documentation, prepares the client for an interview should one be necessary and monitors the application as it moves through the CIC system. A personalized and very detailed plan of arrival is prepared for all clients in book and is reviewed with the client prior to departure. The book is given to the client to be used as a reference for him in Canada.

Canadian Legal Aid

AMS has extended its legal services. Chantal Desloges, a Canadian Immigration Lawyer practicing in Toronto, Ontario, is working closely with Michael Couture to provide more comprehensive immigration consulting services in Colombo.  Chantal Desloges has been in practice for 13 as a partner with Green and Spiegel Immigration Lawyers in Canada; she most recently has established her practice under Chantal Desloges.  She is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in Immigration Law.

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